nightstar451 - Founder and Owner
As the most senior member of Witch Doctor (in terms of logevity with the org, not age), I have been around since the beginning. At my University I am currently studying Music and Business Management. Since the start of Witch Doctor, I have been responsible for the daily running of the organization. Within this role I dabble in all aspects of our operations, from our web presence (Discord, Twitter, Website, etc), to the competitive arm, and even reviewing prospective members. Although I keep busy, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity of managing our Vainglory team (as long as they will have me). One of the reasons I have stuck with this organizatin is my love for the community that has been created out of it. While other orgs may focus on making a name for themselves primarily for the prowess of their comeptitive teams, my goal with Witch Doctor is to create an Organization that balances a strong Competitive side with a welcoming, supportive Community.

BrokenEyez - Director of Content, Vainglory Lead
Competitve doesn't begin to describe me; I strive to be the best at everything I do in life. From Family to Work and even Gaming. It's been over a year and a half since I took the leap and joined Witch Doctor Gaming. Now, I do my best to represent the org wherever I can, from training and nurturing young talent to streaming. Known for my Ardan play I am a aggro protector both in game and in life. My one goal to help Witch Doctor succeed and help mentor younger players and people along the way.

h3rsh3yb3ar - Director of Marketing, Dota 2 Lead
Competitive in nature, not in skill, I love watching pro gaming and sports. Currently a Marketing Major in College, I hope to make it big in the Esports industry. I have commited myself to pushing Witch Doctor into the spotlight, whether that be with fancy graphics, social media presence, or rooting on our competitive teams, and making sure they have the tools for success. As the Dota 2 Lead, I focus on promoting the team, and keeping everyone in the loop with the most recent happenings.

BigDame21 - General Manager - Fighting Games
Bio Coming Soon

Jazzwillboa - Director of Community
Playing Video games has been my passion since as long as I could remember from playing duke nukem, quake, and of course the classic pinball on a Compaq computer when I was 4 years old to now playing various games. Jazzwillboa my IGN has been given a variety of different meanings but allow me to break down each segment of my ign down a little... Jazz as in a music genre as I love music and used to play the tuba. Also I used to sing in choir for like 7 years consistently. Will as in the willpower to outlive anyone who challenges me. Boa in the sense of constricting any competition... also cuz i like snakes.